Annual harvest

Video production using motion graphics, animation and footage - really a mix between an educational and marketing video.

Explainer video - final version

Greater emphasis placed on some branding aspects and machines, extra animation added and some sequences corrected.

Mandrels for Improved Torque Measurement - Mecmesin Torque Measurement Systems

I worked on the pre-production and production of this marketing video for Mecmesin. My roles ranged from analysing the script, breaking it down into a narrative, developing the storyboards, lighting and shooting footage (alongside a team member), editing in Premiere, creating assets and editing in Aftereffects and Cinema 4D (compositing, motion graphics and FX). Photoshop and illustrator for asset creation.

Corporate Marketing video - AfterEffects
Title sequence, Cinema 4D / Aftereffects

Created using Aftereffects and Cinema 4D

Brass Heavens

Title logo for 'Brass heavens' created in illustrator. Modelled and animated in Maya. Composited by hand in photoshop and produced in photoshop. "We wander within our dreams, searching for faces we have seen, and longing for the places we once roamed."