Storyboard development - animation / by ciro correia

This is a 9 second clip from the animated storyboard for Episode 1. I've named the series: 'Tales from a Sunless Sea'. My initial 'pen and paper' storyboards for this was very ugly and not worth posting here - they make sense only to me I suspect :) The animated storyboard, even though still very unpolished has some post-able value even 9 seconds of it. On a personal level because the voices are provided by my Dylan and Maya. They provide an endless source of inspiration for any storyline.

Working by myself on this, so combining stages where I can. I've pushed pencil tests and storyboarding into one. Rough blue sketches will be cleaned up into more refined versions of the characters. Animation and gestures fine tuned into a final rendering of the sequence. The scene background 'placeholder' assets will be replaced with final versions. Sound will be cleaned up and enhanced, more sounds added. Final composition and effects will hopeful bring everything together. Episode 1 is fully scripted (found a great online scripting tool). Toying with the idea of taking this to a kickstarter or a collaborative effort under Lefthand Studios.

Work done in ToonBoom, Photoshop and After Effects.