Urban Waves website UX - Rapid Prototype / by ciro correia

Screen capture of UX, taking user journey from home page through to the product page. A new project up on my Graphic Design portfolio. Graphic Design Portfolio

Anyone working on a prototype knows how Sketch has made things easier, workflow from research, design, prototype to handoff. I've been using Adobe XD recently which feels like Adobe is finally offering a great alternative to Sketch without the need for plugins to achieve a good working prototype. Granted, there is still some work to be done before XD gets on par with Sketch- but they're getting there fast. An obvious plus for XD is that Illustrator and Photoshop are part of the package, being part of the same software family. I'm looking for the ability to more easily integrate Photoshop and illustrator into my workflow if need be, without complicating XD's light-weight feel. Another handy thing that would be nice to see incorporated into XD is a hand-off with online style guide and inspector feature (apparently this is on the way). Prototyping feels sublime, I usually have one monitor open on design view and the other in preview mode. The experience is satisfying as you see things update in 'real-time'. More prototyping tools and functions would be a great addition as well, but I think most would agree that Adobe XD is on the right track.