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Design Process: eShot images for campaign by ciro correia

Here's a 'behind the scenes' look into creating eShot images for an email campaign. The images were meant to convey the idea that a set of 'new micro sites' were available for viewing across different platforms, from web to mobile. Thus the image was to play an important part in aiding the launch of these 'micro sites' aimed at niche markets. Once initial analysis of the information and parameters of the project is done I'll move onto rapid thumb-nailing and 'form storming'. I'll settle on the most effective thumbs and begin building roughs, collecting possible assets bringing the design to the point where I can start work on the final image. I worked alone on this one, but the process is pretty much similar in a team - only there' a lot more communication, feedback and collaboration. It's fun to work with others, but working alone also has it's pluses.

The process I prefer and always use as my own has a feedback/review stage. This is largely a learning stage for me, I can evaluate my thoughts and processes - think about outcomes and whether I achieved goals, etc. 

The first one of the final images for an email campaign. The image has been 'frankensteined' together as planned from the idea to thumb sketch to final. The images below show some of the elements I 'frankenstiened' aka composited together

The images above show the starting point once I was happy to move forward from thumb and rough -  a white page with a photo of a desktop computer, a screenshot of the web asset, photo stock of company assets to be included within the image, 3d objects of different closures to add to the context of the image, and a WIP (work in progress) shot of the image as I built it from 'scratch'.

The second final image for an email campaign. Same style and treatment.

Again, once I'm happy with the planning and thumb composition I move on to creating the image. The images in the carousel above shows the starting point for the final image - a white page with a photo of a desktop computer, a screenshot of the web asset, I went into the photo studio to take very quick photo assets of crimps and wires, carefully setting them up for the final shot. 

Application of the design process varies depending on what I'm trying achieve, media and format but the principles are always the same. 

Editorial Illustration by ciro correia

Once again thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, I'm grateful that you show interest in my professional and personal work as an illustrator, designer and artist. I previously posted some of the preparatory sketches for this piece, so here's the finished illustration.

I've worked on a lot of fantasy/scifi/horror illustrations over my career and have over the last year or so decided to expand the scope of my illustration work (I'm still open to working on fantasy/scifi and horror projects - just that I don't want to limit my work to these themes and want to explore different markets). I haven't done any politically orientated illustrations in years - so this has been a nice change. 

Growing up in Southern Africa I always thought it was cool that artists and art have often acted as a society's conscious, our images and work are not only meant to inspire beauty or help us to escape to far off places but also, at times, to speak about the human condition or the state of the world. It's a tricky thing, because there is often more than one perspective on the same issue - but often you have to choose a message and try to convey it the best you can.

All we offer is a point of view, an opinion to help us think and inspire a more open perspective on the world - however, ...

"If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber’d here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream," (V, i. 440-455)

Once again thanks for reading my posts, and more importantly viewing my work.

Space Ape, illustration by ciro correia

Ham was the first chimpanzee (hominid) shot into space, it was 1961. Laika, a Russian street dog, was the first animal shot into orbit four years before Ham. Shortly after Ham had made his historic flight into space (January 1961) the Soviet Union launched Yuri Gagarin (April 1961) into orbit in the Vostok 1. The 'space race' was in full swing. Who won the space race is less important than the potential mankind unlocked by venturing beyond the limits of our atmosphere. The words 'Space Ape' can be interpreted in many different ways. One could take it as a reference to Ham but the meaning that was in my mind when I drew and created this poster illustration had to do with the collective us - mankind. We're hominids, part of the ape family. Over the course of our history we have looked upward to the stars, and beyond, and dreamt of ascending into those heavens. The fact that we, earth bound apes, managed to leave the confines of our natural habitat and go as far as the moon is an insanity worthy of awe- if we bother to think about it. On the other hand we haven't exactly had a good track record for being the wisest and most enlightened creatures on Earth, and that's probably why this 'Space Ape' carries a hint of malice in his eyes. Is the universe really ready for territorial, at times homicidal, and materialistic 'naked' apes who managed to learn how to harness the power of 'fire' and make their way into the heavens? We are space ape, with the power to soar - the power to cause great good or despicable evil.

Other worthy mentions- if you search space ape, by the way, are: The spaceape - the late Stephen Samuel Gordon, British poet and MC. I found one of his interviews online and it was an interesting read. Another interesting discovery when searching space ape is the amazing Space ape games based in London. Makers of Samurai Siege and Rival Kingdoms. Hopefully the third interesting discovery when searching space ape will be this blog post. :)

Final illustration with type design

Final illustration

Process from initial exploratory sketches, thumbs to final. ;)

Thumb-sketches and brainstorming

rough sketches