Watching robots go by by ciro correia

One fine day in Paris?

One fine day in Paris?

I think I have an obsession with the roofs of Paris (and yes it is written roofs not rooves for all of you frantically searching an online dictionary cause it just doesn't look right). I bought a book about Paris as a teenager and some of my favourite photos in it were cityscapes (of Paris) filled with lead roofs stretching endlessly into the horizon line. Light reflects strangely off of their light grey surfaces. Are they lead roofs? I have always found them intriguing. The lines and forms in these pictures were geometric but also haphazard at the same time. I don't know if anyone has noticed but another thing I fancy are giant robots- I fancy retro looking ones, they tend to look like tin buckets. Remember Robbie? This picture started to form, of a giant robot lumbering through the streets of Paris. Towering above even the highest occupants on that muted level above the sea of roofs. Just imagine leaning out your window and suddenly its there, disturbing your peaceful view of the countless roofs. Imagine your relief as it strides by. Just imagine all those hundreds of inhabitants who didn't see it go past. ;)

Below you'll find a rough sketch, blocking out basic tones, an animated gif of the process :)

Rough initial sketch and blocking out values

Work in progress - diminishing outlines

Stranger Things fan art by ciro correia

This is the first fan art I've ever done (apart from before age 11 when I used to draw smurfs, Asterix and obelix, Tintin, things from 'The Lord of the Rings' and countless superheroes- strange mix) :) Like many others I absolutely loved 'Stranger Things' - everything about it from the storyline, the characters, the cinematic atmosphere and great homage to 80's movies and Stephen King. So I finally gave in to the itch to do something themed around Stranger Things - here's a quick sketch of "Eleven".