animation pencil test

Monster coffee - animation 'pencil test' by ciro correia

It's been a while since my last post, too long. The political state of things has had me in an obsessive state and I've had to bite back on my pencil a few times to stop myself from churning out political parodies of the events and people on the news. Heather still worries about a 'soviet' style assassin taking me out for my recent political illustration of Putin. So no ... not yet anyway.

Today I've got lighter subject matter for you. An animation asset I'm creating about 'Monster Coffee"! Before working on the final animation sequence its common practice to run an animation test or 'animation pencil test' - you know, to make sure things are going the way you want them to. Now, whatever you do after reading this don't go google 'pencil test' because you won't come up with the same results of which I'm talking about here. Apparently the term 'pencil test' - outside of animation circles - is used to determine whether women need to wear a bra or not. Yes, that's right - if the pencil stays ... You won't be finding any animation under that test.

I've always loved classic horror (b-rate or not) imagery. Wolf man, the mummy, Frankenstein, and the creature from black lagoon. It's been cool to work on this sequence for that reason, amongst others. So here's my animation pencil test for a monster cup of coffee. Next stage is clean up and working on the final version. It's all still very beginning stages but fun to share. Hope you like it ;)

Creature from Black Lagoon enjoying a cup of black Americano :p

Once again thanks for visiting Sketched BLOG and for your interest in my work :)