concept illustration

Character development - the whale gumshoe by ciro correia


This is part of my ideation process, I'll take a sketch and redraw over and over again. I do it to begin with and then I'll do it over an established sketch. Formstorming is tiring but absolutely vital - wether it's a graphic design project or a digital painting project. Small variations like these can change the basic image substantially. Doing as many as I can is key - 50 to 100.

3 styles of crocodile by ciro correia

I've always enjoyed working across different styles. From photo-realistic work to very stylised work. There are so many levels of stylisation you can break things down into, here I've worked on character designs done in varying degrees of stylisation creating different illustrative styles. 

These sketches were done in Photoshop- depending on their end purpose I'll either take the sketches into Illustrator and work on them there in a kind of 'flat' character design or I'll reiterate them in Photoshop until I'm happy with the results. 

Photoshop versions

Illustrator version

Concept art: Dwarves and things by ciro correia

Hi welcome to my next post, if it's your first time here please read through my other posts.

This time around I'm posting some recent concept artwork. Most of my work nowadays is digital, but sometimes - for various reasons - I work in traditional media and bring my work into a digital workflow later down the line.

Dwarf Chieftains concept art

Dwarves are a fun brief to work on, what is it about these squat, mythological earthy guys that make them such an interesting subject?

I guess our modern idea of what dwarves are supposed to be is heavily influenced by J.R.R.Tolkien. In German mythology they were thought to be nature spirits in the form of small human beings who lived in mountains or under the earth. I like the Norse interpretation - they were the product of the primordial blood and bones of Ymir. The Prose Edda describes dwarfs as beings similar to maggots that festered in the flesh of Ymir before being gifted with reason by the gods.  

Ebony prisma-colour sketch

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